4 Forty 4 Tattoo

>h2>4 Forty 4 Tattoo

517 N. 4th Ave.
Tucson, AZ
(520) 884-0444

Tattoos last forever, everyone knows that. So why put the fate of your skin in anyone’s hands but the very capable artists at 4Forty4 Tattoos?

When you walk through the doors, you see a very clean and cozily decorated bi-level shop with a comfortable seating area right near the window. What makes this shop so appealing is that, instead of the generic tattoo samples lining the walls and harsh fluorescent lighting you might find in your average tattoo parlor, this shop is filled with beautiful and vibrant pieces of art that truly demonstrate the artistic ability of each of the tattoo artists working.

Of course, tattoos are not the only work being done in the shop. They also always have a skilled piercer on hand to take care of any piercing needs you might have as well. The front of the shop has a glass display case with a wide selection of beautiful and artistic body jewelry for those of you that might already have body pierces and on the hunt for something fun and new.

The artists invite you to sit down and flip through their personal portfolios to get a better feel for their work but each and every one of them is always more than happy to spend whatever time necessary to design you the perfect custom piece. Whether its ornate lettering or photo-realistic portraiture, the good people down at 4Forty4 will make sure that you leave the shop feeling 100% satisfied and pleased with their work.