Pancho Villa’s Grill

Pancho Villa’s Grill

401 E. 5th Street, Tucson, AZ 85705

Pancho Villa’s Grill is a small Mexican joint, located on 4th Avenue and 5th street (right across from Sky Bar). This brick restaurant serves different Mexican dishes and beer throughout the night. You can even get the famous Sonoran Dogs if you have a late night craving after hitting the bars.

Pancho Villa’s Grill serves breakfast, lunch and dinner which is a plus for many who live in the 4th Avenue area. (see Homes for Sale nearby!) But what makes them so popular is their dinner. They have traditional Mexican dishes: burritos stuffed with chicken or beef, tacos, tostadas, chips and salsa. Plus they also have a full bar, so you can grab an ice cold margarita with your meal.

In case you’re new to Tucson and are wondering what a Sonoran Dog is, here are the ingredients: It’s basically a hot dog wrapped in bacon, in a bun, slathered with beans, tons of cheese, onions and chopped tomatoes, peppers, and hot sauce. Yum! It’s such a classic in Tucson that everyone has to try it at least once.

Pancho Villas Grill is also vegetarian friendly and has happy hour. Their hours are Monday-Thursday from 10am to 10pm and Friday-Saturday from 10am to 3am. Pretty much everything on their menu is under $9, including their drinks.

The coolest aspect of Pancho Villas is their extensive hours on the weekend. With these hours, after the bars close you can still get some great Mexican food late at night. Whether you’re out in the 4th avenue area during the morning or late at night, stop on by at Pancho Villas Grill. Don’t forget to try a Sonoran Dog!