Martin’s Comida Chingona

Martin’s Comida Chingona

557 North 4th Avenue, Tucson AZ 85705

Decked out in Mexican Luchador art, this quaint little restaurant is cool. Martin’s Comida Chingona located on 4th avenue and 5th street serves some really tasty authentic Mexican food courtesy of the owner, Martin’s family recipes from Mexico.

The restaurant can be kind of hard to spot since it’s small and not clearly marked as a restaurant but once it’s on your radar this is one place you won’t forget.

When you step inside the restaurant, you’ll be greeted with a hip ambiance and good vibes. The interior is completely decked out with unique artwork. The lighting is dim and peaceful and they play hip laid back music.

Martins would make a great date place or a favorite amongst friends and family. Unlike any other place in Tucson, this spot is BYOB or “Bring Your Own Beer” so you could bring your own fancy bottle of wine to share and have a romantic, planned, tasty and affordable date.

When I eat at a Mexican joint, I’m usually served with the, chips and salsa. Martins is no exception but what makes their offering exceptional is they also add a side of their famous, incredibly tasty Peruvian beans to enjoy atop their homemade chips, which is pretty awesome. If you’ve never tired Peruvian beans compared to refried beans they are quite a treat!

Red chili are popular options. To my surprise a burrito or tacos that has zucchini and other veggies and SOY chorizo is amazing. Now that’s really cool for people who like to eat plant based, because they can enjoy some great Mexican food without having to take out “meat” (which is very big in the Mexican food world). I urge you not to let the veggies sway you from ordering this dish if you’re a meat eater; You may be pleasantly surprised. This is one of my favorite things to order at Martins.

The prices range from $11 to $25 and the hours are posted online but being a small owner run business it’s not uncommon for this place to close early if business is slow.

If you were in the mood for some homemade, authentic Mexican food, and want to have an exemplary experience unlike no other in Tucson I would seriously consider trying out Martin’s Comida Chingona. You’ll enjoy the ambiance and leave with a satisfied palate, whether you’re a meat eater or not. Maybe you’ll even dazzle friends, family or a lover. If you’d like to have an beverage different from homemade Mexican hibiscus tea called Agua de Jamaica or fresh cinnamon rice milk drink called horchata don’t forget to BYOB.