Lindy’s On 4th

Lindy’s On 4th

431 N 4th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85705

OMFG. No, that’s not some computer slang, it’s actually the name of a 12-patty burger served at Lindy’s on 4th Avenue! You may have seen it on TLC’s Man V. Food!

This delicious burger joint is best known for their odd burgers, such as peanut butter burger or macaroni and cheeseburger.

Lindy’s is a little hidden on the strip of 4th Avenue. If you walk south from 6th Avenue, it will be on your right hand side right across the street from the Co-op. You’ll see some tables outside, which are decorated with X-Men comic books.

As you soon as you look at the menu, you are bombarded with so many choices. Vegetarian? Not to worry, Lindy’s offers you Boca patty to substitute. Personally, my favorite is the Velvet Hammer, which contains a fried over easy egg, cheddar cheese, tomato, onion and Lindy’s Sauce (thousand island dressing and chipotle) with the substitute of the Boca patty. It was super tasty! They also have tons of sides, such as regular fries, cheese fries or tots, and chili cheese fries or tots.

Okay, so back to this 12-patty burger OMFG Burger. If you do decide to order that, it comes with it’s own set of rules: You have to finish the 3lbs of burger with cheddar, swiss, lettuce, tomato, onion & Lindy’s sauce in a span of 30 minutes or less without puking or chipmunking, which is the word they use for holding food in your cheeks. If you win, you get the glory and your picture on their wall of fame. If you can finish the burger in under 20 minutes you get the glory, the photo and the burger for free. Otherwise the burger will run you $24.99 with an 18% auto gratuity.

Lindy’s is pretty affordable. For two burgers, a side of cheese fries and two beers (yes they serve beer) the bill was only $25. Every month they have a different speciality burger. Stop by or check their website for more info. When you’re ready to eat some tasty burgers or want to tackle the OMFG burger, hit Lindy’s up and maybe you’ll find yourself on their wall of fame.