Fords On Fourth

Southern Arizona Mustang Club

P.O. Box 85007
Tucson, AZ 85754-5007

If you are a new to Tucson, Arizona and wondering what there is to do here. Come to downtown Tucson to enjoy “Fords on Fourth”, a show featuring extremely cool Ford Mustangs of all models.
I know that 4th Avenue in Tucson is usually the place where you go to find quality vintage clothing and unique dinning but when the Southern Arizona Mustang Club closes down 3 blocks from for a unique car show. You will enjoy seeing a display of beautiful Fords providing a colorful pallet on the streets.

The Ford Mustang is one of my favorite and is of course one of Ford’s classic and most distinguished vehicles and if you are a Mustang enthusiast, I think you will appreciate the history of Ford Mustangs designs and uniqueness that come with each Mustang on display.

You will have the opportunity to go down memory lane and view your favorite one. I saw a wide range of Mustang classics they all had their own distinctiveness. It was interesting to talk with the individual owners, who were more than happy to talk with me and explain in great detail the work put into restoring their vehicles. They shared photos of the restoration process from beginning to end. I was fascinated in the dedication and passion they had.

There were wide ranges of colors and designs and most with their own different character that you don’t see in most Mustangs. Ford on Fourth will be the only opportunity for you to enjoy the fast growing event that has become a hit with the general public and at no cost to you. This year SAMC will be celebrating the 49th Anniversary of the Mustang.

Visitors are advised to arrive via 6th Street and turn south on 5th Avenue, drive 2 blocks and turn left on 8th Street to the show area. Or you can take famous Trolley which makes its scheduled runs through the car show area. The three blocks of 4th Avenue will be closed to traffic during this event giving pedestrians a chance to walk around and enjoy the scenery.