4th Ave Spring Street Fair

The 4th Avenue Spring Street Fair is my favorite of the two street fairs. Mostly because the weather is usually around 75 degrees and the sky is so blue it almost seems unreal.

The 2014 spring street fair turned out to be my favorite of all time.

With the upcoming light rail (aka modern streetcar), the length of the street fair had to be shortened, which could have been a disaster.

However, kudos most go out to the street fair organizers. This street fair may have been shorter, but it was also wider which made it seem bigger than ever before.
Usually the vendor tents only run down the middle of Fouth Ave, but not so this time. They had the tents running through the middle and on both sides of the road, up on the side walks. Even more tents were set up on the side streets.

It really felt like the largest street fair ever.

This street fair also seemed to have a larger variety of vendors than usual. Some I had never seen before. I was sad that I had not alotted enough time to see it all. Next time I will be better prepared. lol

For you newcomers, this street fair is on 4th Avenue, between University Blvd. and E. 9th Street, just north of the 4th Avenue Underpass leading to Downtown.