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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Meet The Team

I love 4th Avenue for the restaurants, shopping, street fairs, hanging out and just having a good time, which is why I wanted to get the word out to everyone!

So, one morning I woke up with this crazy idea to build a website all about 4th Avenue in Tucson AZ.

At the time, the light rail was on it’s way and the shop owners were certainly going to need all of the help that they could get during the construction phase.

Frankly, I was surprised at how many different bars, restaurants, services and retail shops are located around 4th Avenue. As I started writing and designing the pages it became very clear that this website was going to be a lot bigger than I thought and I needed help fast.

I decided to get my friends together, pick their brains and start writing everything they knew about each of the 4th Ave businesses. And here we are today, still adding info.

Who are we?

We are big fans and friends of 4th Avenue: Tony Ray Baker, Darren Jones, Phaedra Wilson, and Kristi Frank. We all work together helping clients with their home needs in some capacity.

I strive to keep this website up to date and fun! If any of this information needs to be updated, please let me know.

There is another organization for the merchants of 4th Ave, their website is FourthAvenue.org, but just to clarify, we are not affiliated with them in any way. We are not affiliated with any of the business owners either.