Tucson Light Rail Modern Streetcar Project


The construction of the new Tucson light rail with modern streetcars is seriously underway. The date of completion is set for sometime in 2013 and personally, I can’t wait. The first streetcar should arrive in Feb 2013.

Having the new extended rail system which will run from downtown, through University and Main Gate and then up to Campbell Ave. will open up the city and give people a much simpler way to travel and explore without having to worry about traffic and expensive gas prices.

Be sure and check out the map below for a full view of what the completed track will look like.

As of right now, a very large portion of 4th Avenue and the downtown area are closed off to traffic while construction is carried out.

This means that our local businesses need your support more than ever.

With it being difficult to find parking and and walking space being limited, our local stores, restaurants and bars just aren’t seeing the same traffic that they used to.

However, they’re still the same places you’ve come to love so be sure and get down to visit as often as you can, even if it means parking a little farther than normal and taking a nice walk.
www.downtowntucson.org/ has great information on construction updates, road closures and events happening downtown so be sure and check them out for great up-to-date info.

Also, be sure and check out www.fourthavenue.org/ for great information on discounted parking locations as well as excellent deals and incentives to help keep business on 4th Avenue steady during the construction.

Tucsom Light Rail Modern Street Car
Tucsom Light Rail Modern Street Car