Sky Bar on 4th Avenue in Downtown Tucson
Sky Bar on 4th Avenue in Downtown Tucson

Sky Bar

536 N 4th Ave
Tucson AZ 85705

As you walk into Sky Bar, right away you feel relaxed. The astronomy themed bar gives you the chance to grab a drink and look out into space at the same time. Located north of 4th avenue, Sky bar starts off as a solar panel café/coffee shop during the morning and turns into a bar at night and has a lot of homemade extras and different drink options.

Feeling hungry? Tye owner of Sky Bar, is also the owner for Brooklyn Pizza, located next door. You can order a slice of solar baked pizza at Brooklyn and have them deliver it to you at the bar or order a calzone, sandwich, salad or anything else off the menu.

See The Stars with the Sky Bar Telescopes
See The Stars with the Sky Bar Telescopes
You can park right next to sky bar, in their new solar panel parking lot. If you decide to go during the day, you can park your car right underneath the solar panels for shade and walk on over into solar infused bar.

Depending on the day you go, sky bar has a variety of things going on, like a fire dancer shows, live bands, trivia nights and sporting events.

There are pool tables in the back if you like to play pool, comfy couches up front by an electric fireplace for a comfortable chat with friends, and a outdoor patio, which has giant telescopes for star gazing.

So, if you’re looking for just a relaxing night out head on out to 4th avenue, grab a slice of pizza and check the sky bar out for a drink and some outer space fun.