Silver Sea Jewelry
Silver Sea Jewelry

Silver Sea Jewlery
330 N. 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 624-9954

Everyone loves jewelry, let’s face it. Silver Sea Jewelry, located right in the heart of Tucson’s bustling 4th Ave., is a great place to pick up some new favorite pieces.

The owners name is Lizzie Mead and she always makes sure there’s something great for everyone in her shop. She’s always around to help you pick out the perfect bracelet or ring and she does it all with a smile.

There’s a large selection of Celtic pieces as well as some Egyptian-inspired jewelry but of course, you can always find great costume pieces as well.

Liz also makes some of the jewelry that she sells so try asking her about custom pieces, you never know! The store has an ocean theme as you probably guessed from the title and Lizzie has the inside décor tailored accordingly.

There are great statues of mermaids and other oceanic things that really make you feel like you’re at a tropical, beachside jewelry stand.
Lizzie originally established her jewelry trade as a travelling business which turned into a cart at the Tucson/Foothills Malls which then became a store in the Congress Corridor which is now its very own store right on 4th Ave. so they’ve certainly come a very long way.

he shop is located right next to Bison Witches, off of the new Light Rail track which is perfect if you’re out for a long day of shopping and need to refuel with some great food into between stores. So make sure to come on down to Silvery Sea Jewelry for all of your jewelry needs today and ask for Lizzie!