Sacred Art Tattoo
Sacred Art Tattoo

Sacred Art Tattoo

315/317 N. 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 622-7050

Located on the south end of Tucson’s 4th Avenue is the Sacred Art Tattoo shop. They are one of Tucson’s premier tattoo parlors offering any and all tattoo and piercing services. They’ve got eight tattoo artists and six piercers working so they’ll always be someone on staff ready and willing to help you out.

They are open Monday-Thursday from 12pm to 12am and from 12pm-2am on Fridays and Saturdays which is just perfect for those who like to plan their ink out as well as those sudden tattoo urges that might spring up late at night.

They’ll do any kind of tattoo work you might want from black and white to fantasy to photo-realistic portraiture so no matter what it is that you’ve got in mind you’ll be able to get it here. Sacred Art has one of Tucson’s largest selections of body jewelry for any piercing or body modification you might have. They also carry a large selection of clothing so there always something to look at while you wait for your favorite artist.

They shop is always very clean and the decor is off-beat, edgy and great to look at. The people here are very friendly and personable. The tattoo artists and piercers love to laugh and joke and will always help to put you at ease if you’re nervous about any upcoming work you’re having done.

With great specials going on almost all of the time, be sure to stop in to Sacred Art Tattoo for a consultation if you’re planning on getting a new tattoo or piercing any time soon.