Lollipop Culture Shop
553 North 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 971-8760

Lollipop is a Tucson treasure that has relocated to 4th avenue. It is an awesome Japanese pop culture shop.

At Lollipop you’ll see tons of super cute stuff and immediately feel your eyes wandering around. The main celebrity at Lollipop is Hello Kitty and the room is decorated with bright pinks and yellows. You almost feel like a little kid going into a toyshop. Lollipop also sells different characters, such as a strip of bacon with eyes and his partner ‘Mr. Egg’.

There is a Harajuku and Kawaii twist to all the items that Lollipop sells. Harajuku is a fashion district in Tokyo, Japan. This district pops with bright colors and unique street wear., which Lollipop translates and shares with the Tucson community.

Lollipop sells t-shirts, stationary, accessories, key chains, phone chains, stuffed bacon characters, and even has a couple of items from Gwen Stefani’s line “Harajuku Lovers”. The staff is super friendly and they even dress up to mirror the Harajuku-Japanese fashion.

Lollipop’s hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 12pm to 7pm and is a great place to check out for cute gift ideas or just to feed your Harajuku needs. So, check them out!