Historic Y
Historic Y

D’Alba Salon

532 N 4th Ave Ste 110
Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 304-1080

Right off of Tucson’s beautiful 4th Avenue is the Historic Y, located just down the street from Epic Café. This beautifully designed building doubles as both an office complex and a performing arts center where Tucsonans will both the Rogue Theater and ZUZI’s theater.
The original building, designed by Annie Graham Rockfellow was built in 1930 and later was expanded in the 40’s and 50’s before coming to completion in the 1980’s. It was then that the complex was converted to the offices that are housed there today.

All through the decades, careful consideration was taken to conserve the original, and might I add, beautiful architecture.

As an office complex, the Historic Y offers extremely competitive rates as well as full-service facilities including over 500 square feet of conference space, a wonderful lobby, an outdoor courtyard area as well as heating and cooling utilities.

ZUZI’s Theater houses the renowned ZUZI Dance school which offers dance classes and in each of its three studios.

One of the best parts is that any of these spaces can be rented out at any time. The Rogue Theater has been providing Tucson with quality, award-winning theater performances since its foundation.

The Historic Y is like its own self-contained community complete with healing arts professionals as well as multiple public service organizations including the Paulo Freire Freedom School and the Tucson Audubon Society.

Keeping up with community enrichment ideals, 4th Avenue’s Historic Y offers dance classes, choir rehearsals, workshops and farmers markets. A complete calendar of classes and events can always be found at the Historic Y’s website.