Creative Ventures - Arts and Craft Store
Creative Ventures - Arts and Craft Store

Creative Ventures
522 North 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 623-9464

Creative Ventures is a 4,000 square foot store that is filled with tons of souvenirs, gift ideas, handmade items, jewelry from Mexico, and much more. Creative Ventures is very hard to miss. For starters, it’s a bright teal building with large windows. They also have their own convenient parking lot.

There is so much to look at inside Creative Ventures that you might get overwhelmed! So I recommend that you start right at the door and go from there.

In the front, there are many souvenirs, such as shot glasses, key chains, stickers, and even petrified scorpions!
Creative Ventures 4th Ave Tucson AZ

As you walk further into the store, you will see more southwestern jewelry displays, such as turquoise necklaces and rings. There is also a section in which they sell pottery and home decor.

Creative Ventures is open 7 days a week, normally from 10am to 8pm. This store is really the perfect place to take visiting friends and family. Stop on by to pick up a couple of neat souvenirs.

They also have an online store, you can go to their website and shop online from Amazon or Ebay. They will ship those items directly to your house!

If you happen to make products that you would like to sell, you can get in contact with Creative Ventures and become a distributor through their store. Just visit their website!