Celestial Rites Wiccan Shoppe on 4th Avenue in Downtown Tucson
Celestial Rites Wiccan Shoppe on 4th Avenue in Downtown Tucson

Celestial Rites

543 N. 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 344-4203

Celestial Rites Wiccan Shoppe is a meta-physical wonderland filled with scents and views that will enhance your spirituality.

Celestial Rites Wiccan Shoppe, a meta-physical outlet dedicated to the spiritual well-being of Tucson and the surrounding areas. Found just off 4th avenue, close the the Co-op and Hippy Gypsey, Celestial Rites greets you with flowery incense and relaxes you with colorful spiritual artwork and zen pieces.

We had the oppotunity to meet the owner (pictured) who informed us that the “wiccan” aspect of the shop is overblown. There is no evil monkey hand 🙂 The store is geared more toward spirituality and connecting people to the magic that surrounds their daily lives.

Celestial Rites has everything your soul would ever need! Visit them today!So if you are in the need for some spiritual medicine, drop into Celestial Rites Wiccan Shoppe and spend atleast 10 minutes taking everything in. The fantastic decor. The fragrant incense. All of it connects you to a power larger than yourself, which will be around long after you leave this world. Gain some appreciation into the other side of life at Celestial Rites Wiccan Shoppe, just off 4th Avenue in Downtown Tucson.

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