Bumstead's Restaurant on 4th Avenue in Downtown Tucson AZ
Bumstead's Restaurant on 4th Avenue in Downtown Tucson AZ

Bumsted’s Restaurant

500 North 4th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 622-1413

Bumsted’s is a pretty cool place to relax, grab a drink and eat good food. It’s a little place located right on 4th Avenue with a cool interior and unique, creative menu. Enjoy watching the fish in the 750-gallon saltwater aquarium or have fun in the micro-arcade with a bowling machine and pinball game.

Grab a Bite at Bumstead's on 4th
Grab a Bite at Bumstead’s on 4th

Besides their unique setting, their food is really good. They’re best known for their sandwiches and burgers. They have a sandwich called “Green eggs and Ham” which is cream cheese, egg salad, peppered bacon, lettuce and tomato.

If you’re a vegetarian, you should try the “Frulett” which consists of; a portobello mushroom, hummus, peanut butter, tomato and cheddar cheese.
The burgers and sandwiches all come with a pickle and a bag of chips or french fries. You can always order half of a sandwich just in case it’s a little too much.

Bumsted’s also has a bar and they always have drink specials throughout the week and even specials on their food as well. They are open 11am everyday and close at 10pm, except Thursday through Saturday, when they close at 2am.

So, you get a cool setting, good food and drinks, what else could they possibly have? Try karaoke, bingo, and even a dating game!

It seems like there is just always something to do at Bumsted’s. If you’re hungry or want a drink check out Bumsted’s and see try something new and unique.